We are always on the look-out for creative minds with a good work ethic and a collaborative spirit. Ride FX is based on the south coast of Brittany, WFH is always an option but if you like the sea and quality of living is important to you, you are more than welcome to join us here. We firmly believe intensive work and screen time should be balanced with wide ocean views and a walk in a forest from time to time. 

If this interests you, please send your Curriculum Vitae and Showreel to

The project manager will have a wide variety of tasks taking full responsibility over the succeeding of different projects at Ride FX. 

We are looking for a motivated individual with a first experience in digital media or audiovisual production management, having worked on immersive experiences of any type is a plus but not a necessity. Skills and characteristics that are important in this role are

  • English and French professional proficiency
  • People skills, the talent and patience to manage staff and client requests and to strike the right balance between the two through a mixture of diplomacy and firmness
  • Technical knowhow of 3D production, AV installations is not essential but it is crucial to be able to find the right experts to build a team on any given job. An interest in the world of visual effects, video mapping and immersive media will be very helpful
  • Attention to details
  • Great communication skills 

Responsibilities include:

  • Hiring extra staff and specialists on a per-project basis
  • Managing day-to-day activities: organising review sessions with the artists, leading creative brainstorming sessions
  • Client communication: learning about the client wishes and communicating these towards different collaborators and partners
  • Representing Ride FX at different events
  • Communicating on projects on social media (linkedin & instagram)
  • Coordinating different partners and internal teams for a smooth integration of different skills and services
  • Supervising project installations when required (in France and abroad)
We are open to different ways of working together, freelance or as an employee, but it is required to live close to the offices in Vannes Brittany, by the way, we’re located only 200 meters from the Morbihan Gulf, it’s quite nice. 

The role is central to the further development of Ride FX and offers a great opportunity for a long term career at our side.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Ride FX is looking for someone who combines extensive knowledge of the different tools available while keeping up to date with the latest innovations, and a great skillset as a generalist artist capable of working on shots when needed. 

Your role will be to advise the producers on the approach for any given production involving 3D or VFX and to help recruit and supervise a team of talent on a per project basis.


  • Attend production meetings
  • Assist in the bidding process
  • Assist in recruitment of the right profile artists
  • Provide creative direction when the project requires it
  • Supervise a small team on a per project basis


  • Minimum 5 year experience working on photoreal or high-end stylized 3D animation
  • Great artistic and technical skills with different software packages and renderers 
  • A sound generalist skillset – knowing one or more compositing tools is a big plus
  • Knowledge of a real time engine production workflow is a plus but not a necessity
  • A desire to work in a studio where your input is highly valued instead of ignored – you will be given a chance to lead a studio working on a variety of interesting projects
Ride FX is not located in one of VFX or 3D animation known production centers. We are open to applications to work from home for the right profile with the right motivation. Moving to our area would be great but it is something we can discuss and plan together if there is an interest. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

With your ability to execute the whole array of 3D and 2D tasks, you will be a corner stone of our production. Ready to take on the work that the project at hand requires, on top of that you have a strong artistic vision and can ensure both a high quality standard and a timely delivery.


  • Create stunning VFX and Animations for a wide variety of ride films and immersive experiences
  • (Co-)Develop the look of a sequence in close collaboration with the VFX supervisor
  • Contribute to creative 3D concepts with good (visual) communication and planning 
  • Collaboration with Animation, Lighting and Render to meet FX Animation objectives
  • Awareness and respect for project deadlines
  • Efficiency, Speed and the ability to organise one’s time
  • Demonstrable experience in different aspects of 3D, personal works are a plus.
  • Basic to Expert knowledge of a wide array of 3D tools
  • Good understanding of 360° video, VR and special venue formats (dome, curved screen or other)
  • Great communication skills and a team player
  • Ability to expand on Art Direction given
  • Proven professional experience on at least one team project;
  • Eligible to work in European Union


  • Knowledge of a wide variety of 3D and 2D tools. Depending on the profile, experience in Blender, Maya, 3DsMax, Houdini, Unreal Engine, Clarisse iFX, Nuke, Fusion, After Effects, Photoshop, and of course a willingness to learn are especially useful. We have a flexible pipeline and the tools are often adapted to the job.

Ride FX operates on the frontline between hardware and content, helping our clients building ever more believable and impressive immersive experiences. This touches upon design as well as technology, in a rapidly evolving environment. For our experiential production work, we are looking for a passionate generalist, with a wide understanding of both tech gear and software, especially in the areas of projection, LED screens and interactive experiences using motion tracking combined with real time media.


  • Accompany the designers in developing thrilling experiences that work.
  • Research and innovate upon existing solutions to build even better ones for our customers.
  • Testing and on-site installation supervision and guidance.
  • Managing the studio’s hardware stock and purchases.
  • General knowledge of video hardware (LED screens, touch screens, projectors, curved screens, depth cameras, media servers)
  • A wide understanding of different software solutions that can be applied in different set-ups, with the ability to learn a new solution fast if necessary. 
  • You are a maker who enjoys researching the best way to do things and can apply this knowledge in practical solutions. 
  • You love to experiment and will be given ample opportunity to do so at Ride FX.
  • Good knowledge of interactive media solutions: depth cameras, touch screen applications. Knowing a programming language like C++ or Python is a big advantage.
  • We rarely do the same project twice, a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies is very important.
  • Familiar with VR/AR solutions, hardware and apps.
  • Experience: some prior experience and portfolio is expected, but motivation is key. This is a fun and fast moving technological environment and we are looking to stay at the forefront of creating the most innovative immersive experiences.
  •  A combined knowledge and understanding of hardware and software related to immersive audiovisual experiences. Including at least several of the following: Programming languages (C++, Python), real time engines (Unreal, Unity), AV systems (projection, LED, sound is a plus), motion detection devices, Mobile (Android, iOS), Backend server software and/or different code networks.

We are always looking to expand our database of potential collaborators on a freelance or short term basis. If you are a(n):

  • Modeler
  • Rigger
  • 3D or 2D Animator
  • Crowd specialist
  • Lookdev/texturing artist
  • Lighter
  • Generalist
  • Compositor

who loves working on a wide variety of projects, we would love to hear from you in order to establish a long term collaboration.


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